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Shelly and Mouldy were introduced under the most mysterious circumstances.

Shelly was examining the remains of the latest victim of the salmonella outbreak. A routine that had become monotonous due to the large numbers falling prey to the crippling, eggstremely painful fatal disease, when she was interrupted by the phone ringing. "Shelly here" she said - a unknown voice said "You have been eggsigned to a new top secret case, your new partner Mouldy is waiting with your eggstructions in New Yolk, you are booked on the 6 o'clock flight."

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Shelly arrived in New Yolk, feeling refreshed and relaxed after the 20 hour pleasant flight. Mouldy was waiting in the arrivals lounge sipping a rather disgusting cup of frothy coffee. He looked at the photograph of Shelly and


thought she looked just like any other egg, eggscept there seemed to be something a little different about her. He couldn't put his eggy soldier on it. He stared at the picture intently and shivered like someone has just walked over his shell. He looked up to be confronted with the real Shelly.

"Mouldy" said Shelly, she couldn't help but notice his strange colour, what she had thought was an over eggsposed photograph turned out to be misguided. He was in fact a rather funny greenish, grey colour. "Shelly" he replied wondering why she said his name in such a surprised manner.

"The brief" said Shelly, "what is our brief?" Mouldy replied "Shells have been mysteriously disappearing and reappearing some 2 hours later. Our forensic eggs discovered a strange connection. On eggsamination of the dead shells they found only the yolks missing everything else is left completely intact. Our eggysignment is to find why the yolks are being removed and by who." "That's a tough one" said Shelly, "any ideas Mouldy?"

"I have this theory, its eggstraterrestrial, I think the eggs are randomly removed by some greater being and the yolk used for some obscene culinary device."

"Well, lets get cracking then!"

To be continued!!!!!!!!!! fin

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