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Neural Os and Xs uses a single layer neural network to learn the game of Os and Xs. It automatically learns the rules of the game but you need to teach it the strategy.
Neural Os and Xs was written by Robert Ellison, although I won't be held responsible if it grows in to a monster.


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You are always Xs, the computer is always Os. To make a move click in the square you wish to occupy. A warning will be displayed if you attempt to make an illegal move. The computer will make its move automatically.
Reward Use the "Reward" button whenever the computer makes a good move.
Punish Use the "Punish" button whenever the computer makes a bad move.
Reset Use the "Reset" button to start a new game. If you use your browser's "Reload" button then the neural network will be re-initialised.


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Os and Xs?

If you're American then you'd be happier with Tic Tac Toe.
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