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IBM VoiceType

IBM Voice Type Simply Speaking Gold. RRP $34

Performance: 1/10
Ease of use: 6/10
Entertainment: 9/10

"You Talk, It Types." - IBM Web Site
"Bunch of arse!" - Catfood Labs

"Highest industry accuracy averaging 97% after regular use." - IBM Web Site
"Less accurate than an incontinent blind man pissing into a wind tunnel." - Catfood Labs

In our controlled test we recited a short passage from The Tempest to Voice Type. You can hear the original speech here. The rest of this article is the output from Voice Type. We added the character's names for clarity...

PROSPERO: - Tesco-ecstasy contents continue shocked Folkestone looks across distraction St hoist headset sessions because coxless Kemp hot contest set date-Oxford Hawks cooked drafts detonate hooker Shevardnadze of hostile critics put across pancake of quite

FERDINAND: high heat disloyal

PROSPERO: gratified shift uncontrollable position Worksop just taken Court of that cracks protection debt dressed close-up .... Contractors dot fastest crossing took . sluggish response grant hunched Sahara suspicion contestant 6 contributed . Oxford scholar Chicago 6 dec co-author/distinctions Maxwell .

FERDINAND: recollections postal clerk disclose personal net debt custodian complies solstice policy shows at Tottenham amount anonymous sideways yet the desperation with shelving of business style but one-stop shopping home

PROSPERO: Gascoigne said afterwards how short hair got stuck fin

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