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Catfood Scratch 'n' Sniff

In this issue Catfood Magazine introduces our revolutionary Scratch 'n' Sniff technology. Catfood Scratch 'n' Sniff will work with most Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) based computer displays.

Don't read any further until you have tried this example. Rub your finger gently against the image below while holding down the degauss button on your monitor:

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You should smell Black Forest Gateaux.

When a monitor is degaussed an electromagnetic field is generated to remove imperfections caused by variations in Earth's magnetic field. Catfood's patented Olfactic Sublimation process exploits the Zenneck wave generated during the degauss cycle to evaporate a small quantity of the dead epidermal cells in the top layer of skin.



The special images used in Olfactic Sublimation are composed of pixels that vary the Poynting vector of the magnetic field and hence the pressure of the Zenneck wave induced in the epidermis.

The pixels are selected from a palette of colours that produce the seven primary odours that the human nose uses to interpret a smell (Camphoric, Musky, Floral, Pepperminty, Ethereal, Pungent and Putrid). The luminescence and pattern of these colours is calculated in order to reproduce specific odours.

Olfactic Sublimation is not suitable for entertaining pets. fin

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