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From the Editor

Welcome to the SECOND EDITION OF CATFOOD MAGAZINE. Bumper packed with under cover reports, fashion pointers, countryside conservation and holiday sex. What more could you want from your award winning magazine!

Since last being with you we’ve all been incredibly busy. Editing Edition 1 left me creatively and emotionally exhausted so in preparation for the sequel I took some time out and left them to it. Surprisingly they’ve done okay. Our magnificent team has worked hard researching the challenging, and hard hitting stories that you, dear reader, cry out for.

In our News section read the truth behind the Millennium Dome, what Peter Mandelson does not want us to know. Our undercover reported Simon Openshaw reveals what New Labour have in store for the year 2000. Whatever it is they obviously have made plans to get out. This brave piece of reporting is a real eye opener and highlights the true complexities involved in this ambitious project.

Our intrepid reporter, Andy Weekes risked life and limb to bring you ‘A day in the life of The Radio One Roadshow’ an exclusive that brings terrorism home to all of us. “It really brings it home to you just what these DJs put themselves through,” said Andy, once he’d calmed down with assistance from a few Vodka tonics. “They really earn their money.” He admitted.

Andy also brings us the break through the fashion conscious man has long been waiting for with ‘My Favourite Vests’. At last men’s underwear is a serious topic and men clearly want trends in their undies to be explored further. A big thank you to Andy.

Even better the newest member of our team has made himself known with ‘Bermudan Bonking Bonaza’. This month’s seedy article tells you all you need to know about sex with style. A tall ship with serious masts and an exotic island with serious women. More importantly it is an article that pulls no punches, and shows that in the caring sharing nineties men can be bastards so long as they apologise, at some later date. Bravo for masculinism.

We also have the usual Celebrity Review. Danieal Fandandlio gives a poignant and down to earth view of his life and discusses the problems a bowl of fruit has to overcome to be accepted as a luvie.

Speaking of problems, if you have one consult with Dr. Fenton Sturges, his soothing words of wisdom may be just what you need. It works for me!

Well that’s all for now, but it’s been lovely talking to you again. We’ll try not to leave it so long in future. And remember if you have any issue that needs raising or comments about this edition, then drop us a line, and YOU may see yourself in Pinboard.

Bye for now, and enjoy it.


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