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In no rational order: Thought For The Week Weekly musings from Reverend Hamble Sustenance, leading theologian and sausage connoisseur.
NTK now Need To Know. They stole our Revolution. Now we're stealing it back.
Neural Os & Xs Neural Os & Xs uses a single layer neural network to learn the game of Os and Xs.
fortean times A model of elegant English, albeit rather a surprising one. Unfortunately its subject matter is crop circles, vampires, freak toads and suchlike, but its style cannot be faulted.
Haunted Houses of Berkshire It is hardly surprising that Berkshire appears to be one of the most haunted counties in England.
Wired News New and improved Wired News
Dohman Pecan Farms Growers of Texas Native Pecans Since 1972

   ||     |\
   ||----|| *
   ~~    ~~
Rakesh Patel Born an uncivilized northerner I have since fought an uphill battle to gain respect in the academic world ...
Moje Zviratka!
Monochrome Monochrome is a Bulletin Board sited at City University.
d i s i n f o r m a t i o n "Bees can't wear sunglasses."
World of Web
Cocktail Type a drink name (or part of a name, such as mar or tini for Martini) ... Choose a liquor and/or mixer type from below
Martin Regan Martin Regan Martin Regan's personal page, with some puzzles and Irish interest links.
Welcome to Linux "Do you pine for the nice days of Minix-1.1 when men were men and wrote their own device drivers..." Linux is a freely-distributable, independent UNIX-like operating system for x86, Motorola 68k, Digital Alpha, Sparc, Mips and Motorola PowerPC machines. Visit Linux
C The WELL The WELL is an online gathering place like no other -- remarkably uninhibited, intelligent, and iconoclastic.
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