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Cake Discovery

Scientists are believed to have found the first atom of blancmange ever to exist on earth.

The particle was discovered by pure chance by a rambler, Mr Arthur Hampton, whilst out walking. A retired fisherman from somewhere so far away from London that it doesn`t really matter, Mr Hampton was cleaning his boots after a hill walk when he detected a faint cake-like smell. He immediately removed the shoe and put it into an electronically sealed vacuum container used for keeping spare mittens in and his suspicions were confirmed when he put the boot under the electron microscope in his garage. He then notified the


British Museum, to which he is donating the find.

Professor Henry Ravencroft of the British Museum Etymology of Confectionary departement said today, "This is a great coup for the Museum. Blancmange is generally regarded by scientists as the most primitive dessert, first appearing on earth around 6,500,000 BC. Over millions of years it evolved from its initial strawberry flavour into raspberry and vanilla, then bifurcating into jelly and sponge fingers to form the more complex trifles from which all other known puddings and cream cakes developed." fin

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