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Toes. Have you got toes? Have you ever lost a toe through frostbite or in a threshing machine? Can your toes perform card tricks? Do your toes ever feel cold, even when the rest of your body feels warm? If so a BBC researcher would like to hear from you. Radio 4 is producing a major twelve-part series on our foot digits and is looking for amusing, heart-warming, tragic or hairy stories about them. Call Jaclyn Perry on (01222) 322898, fax (01222) 322555, or write to her at BBC Wales in Cardiff.

Gillingham. I say Gillingham and you say Jillingham. Which is right? Which is Dorset, and which is in Kent? Who knows? Who cares? The mayors of both towns


would like to know. So, if you an furnish them with the correct pronunciation of their settlement they'd love you to phone them at their respective town halls. See 'Yellow Pages' for details.

Joshua. Stupid name isn't it? But if you are called Joshua, have ever met anyone called Joshua, or, just want to get on telly, 'Newsnight' is running a feature on the name Joshua, and is looking for contributors. If you've got a story you want to share, than let Jeremy Paxman know. You can follow him home if you hang around Television Centre at night. The 'Radio Times' will let you know which days he is working. Tip - we thinks he lives in Buckinghamshire.

70's Babes. Were you a female television crimefighter in the 1970's? Did you become Wonderwoman every time you turned around a bit sharpish? Did you outshine David MacCallum in 'Sapphire and Steel'? Are you Kate Jackson? If so the 'Catfood' editors would live to go on a dinner date with you. Be at the 'Taste of Bengal' restaurant in Staines on Saturday night and demand to see 'Catfood'. fin

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